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WGS is being run and managed by a group of highly qualified and senior professionals who had the privileged of attending specialized staff and logistic course at the premier institutions. Professional team adopt and implement the professional business philosophy based on:

  • Task analysis

  •  Planning

  •  Implementation

  • Reporting

  • Quality control


In order to maintain high standard of performance WGS integrates a plan which consists of following four elements:

  • Strategic Planning

  •  Supporting client mission

  • Supporting client’s long-term security planning activities

  • Developing management initiatives for enhanced performance

Human Resource Management
  • For WGS Human Resources laid emphasis on recruiting the people and helping them to improve by:

  • Treating them as valuable assets

  • Matching assignments with individual talents

  • Providing continuous professional on job training

  • Assisting them in career advancement

  • Enabling them as the advocates for the company and ambassadors for our brands

Risk Management

We believe in fore seeking the risks and manage them before hand to minimize the dangers in better interest of our clients. To provide standardised services to our esteemed clients, we recruit, train and facilitate our employees imparting necessary training from reputed training institutes.

  • Develop an emergency response plan to address various security incidents, such as theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access.

  • Establish strong communication channels between security personnel, management, and relevant stakeholders to report and address security concerns promptly.

  • Identify potential risks and hazards within the household environment, such as slippery floors, faulty electrical wiring, or unsafe furniture.

Provide training to housekeeping staff on proper handling and storage of cleaning materials, ensuring their understanding of potential risks and precautions.

Quality Policy
  • WGS specializes in costumed security personnel and offers, manages, and supports a variety of security services.

  • WGS continuously enhances its procedures and products to meet or surpass client expectations.

7 Star Guiding Principles
  • Modesty: Modesty is adorable.

  • Reliance: Reliance strives to confidence and performance.

  • Learning: Learning from mistakes.

  • Accountability: Being accountable entails accepting and acknowledging responsibility for your own actions.

  • Unity: If we band together, we can get beyond any difficulty. 

  • Efficacy: Effective communication Skillspave the way out for success.

  • Acceptance: Life finds out novelty. So, accept the changes


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